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Avid Technology

Location: 75 Network Dr.
Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: 978-640-6789
Employees: 1,787
CEO: Louis Hernandez Jr.
Stock Symbol:


Career Page

Avid is the leading maker of professional software for the motion picture, television and gaming industries. The company's flagship software, Media Composer, was introduced in 1989 and revolutionized production of TV shows and films by allowing easy editing on a desktop computer.

Many of the world's top television shows, commercials, music videos and movies are produced and edited using Avid technology. The company's software has earned many prestigious awards including 2 Oscar statuettes, a Grammy, and 14 Emmys.

A handful of acquisitions have contributed to Avid's growth, including: 

  • M-Audio (acquired in 2004) – allowing Avid to offer a broader range of complementary audio tools such as speakers, microphones, keyboards, digital DJ systems, and I/O interfaces;
  • Pinnacle Systems (acquired in 2005) – allowing Avid to enter the worldwide home video editing market with the number one selling Pinnacle Studio software;
  • Sundance Digital (acquired in 2006) – allowing Avid to enter the broadcast transmission automation market with software known for its ability to openly link to a broad range of third-party broadcast applications; and
  • Sibelius (acquired in 2006) – allowing Avid to extend its reach into the professional music composer and education markets with a leading notation software solution.

Avid postponed its earnings announcement for 2012 as it evaluates accounting methods.


Avid was founded by Bill Warner in 1987 when he discovered a way to copy videotape footage in real-time to digital hard disks. This invention allowed a video editor to use a computer to easily view shots, make cuts and rearrange sequences faster than traditional tape-based methods. That pioneering discovery created a new “nonlinear editing” – or NLE – category in the media and entertainment industry, forever changing the way people edit moving video and film images.

Today, the company’s flagship digital video editing system, Media Composer, is used by the majority of the world’s professional film and television editors. As Avid’s digital video editing tools became a standard among professional picture editors in the mid-90s, Digidesign had also created a new audio category in the media and entertainment industry. Digidesign’s Pro Tools “digital audio workstation” – or DAW – quickly began replacing tape-based recording studios, revolutionizing the way composers, recording artists and sound engineers created and recorded music.

Seeing an increased convergence between digital video and audio, Avid acquired Digidesign in 1995, paving the way for Avid’s leadership position in its core audio and video segments.


- Healthcare Insurance
- Vacation & Holiday Time Off
- Life Insurance
- Leave of Absence
- Short & Long Term Disability
- Flexible Work Arrangements
- Flexible Spending Accounts
- Education Assistance Program
- 401(k) Savings Plan
- Employee Assistance Program
- Employee Stock Purchase Plan
- Employee Equipment Purchase Program

Updated July 21, 2013


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